"I simplified my bill payments using SMART Payment Plan. Being a teacher and mom, I needed a simple and convenient way to better manage my bills. SMART made it easy! After getting started with my car payments, I've added our mortgage and other bills to the plan. Thanks SMART Payment Plan! - Marie G."

Marie G.
Smart Payment Plan's Satisfied Customer

How Marie G. Simplified All Her Bill Payments With Smart Payment Plan


Marie G. found her car payments easier to manage because they were smaller payments and matched her paydays.  She wanted to simplify her budgeting and have more money at the beginning of the month. 


Marie was challenged because her mortgage, car payment and other bills came out of her first paycheck each month.  Matching smaller payments to her paydays for her mortgage and other bills made it easier for her to budget and manage her cash flow throughout the month. 


Marie called SMART to add her mortgage and other bills. 


Marie now has more money at the beginning of the month, easier budgeting and doesn't worry about late payments or overdrafts.


  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Easy
  • Pay off debt faster

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