"I simplified my bill paying using SMART Payment Plan. Being a Bartender with unusual hours, SMART made it simple and convenient! I added several bills to the plan. Thanks SMART Payment Plan!"

Steven G.

Smart Payment Plan's Satisfied Customer

How Steven G. Simplified All His Payments With Smart Payment Plan


Steven G. needed a solution to easy bill payments.  He needed to simplify bill payments online, as his hours as a bartender were constantly changing.  Also his salary and tips fluctuated each month.  


The challenge was to setup a plan to pay Steven's bills simply and more often than monthly, to smooth our cash flow.  


The SMART Payment Plan already did this for Steven, however he added more bills than just his car payment.  


Now Steven has peace of mind that his bills are paid on time, online.  This allows him to protect his credit rating and gives me more quality time to spend with his family doing the sports and activities he and his family love.  



Allows more family time